About Clarity



The Clarity Experiential Self Development website is dedicated to providing resources to help individuals take personal responsibility for their own self development and life experience.

Original Clarity

In 2001, Annie Zalezsak and Jacqui Cullen ran weekly self development ‘Clarity classes’ in Loughton, Essex, England. They also ran weekend workshops in Energy and Healing, Mind Body Spirit, and Native American Wisdom.

In 2006, Clarity became the home for articles written by Annie and quotes she collected since teenage years.

In October and November 2010, the site was redesigned. Some of the new quotes that were added, were also tweeted.

In 2011, Annie set up the Clarity Tribe blog and Facebook page to share ‘aha!’ moments. At the beginning of December 2011, Annie also set up the Touching the Truth blog and Facebook page to share spiritual insights.

The entire Clarity website was redesigned with a fresh new look in November 2015. Quotes memes were added throughout the site, with new quotes added on a regular basis ever since.

2019.07.30 Annie Zalezsak

About Annie Zalezsak


Originally from Canada, Annie lived in the United Kingdom for 14 years, returning to Canada in 2012. She is now based in Kelowna, BC.

Annie is a writer (see Vibrant Word) and author of We Are One Blood: Honouring the Body’s Right to Heal Itself. She is also an artist (see Creative Courage and Annie Zalezsak Art). Annie has worked in Communications Design since the beginning of her career. Her other websites, blogs and Facebook pages are listed at zalezsak.com.