Affirming Freedom


I am FREE to enjoy my life!

I’ve been working with my life coach, Barbara Dixon, on my ‘issues’. My biggest issue for many years (which has become so big over the last 3 years that it has had me crying out for help looking for an explanation) is this whole abundance – lack – money – debts issue.

Through Barbara’s concise methods, we discovered that underlying all that financial mumbo-jumbo, was the Real Issue: FREEDOM.

It’s not so much about money. It’s not what things I can or can’t buy. It’s about the Freedom to be who I am, do what I am inspired to do, and the Freedom to live in full integrity with my soul.

That’s big.

That means everything.

So, how do I get this freedom, if I don’t have the money to buy it?

We are all born with a God-given power of ‘free will’. This free will means Choice. In every single instant, we are making choices. Within these choices are two options: one that represents Freedom, and one that represents Incarceration. One that represents love and creativity, and one that represents fear and stagnation.

I don’t know anyone who would intentionally choose a prison of darkness over a life of boundless light. And yet we all choose this unconsciously, on a daily basis.

We bind ourselves in situations we loathe, we stifle our Truth, we pretend things don’t hurt when they do. We run away instead of embrace. We shut things out because we can’t bear the consequences of what fear causes us to imagine.

The reason we are so blindly locked into a harsh life of dread and destruction is because we believe we have no choice. We have purposely cut off the freedom option and denied its existence. We do this because we so fear the responsibility that goes with being Free, we’d rather be in prison.

Why does Freedom carry such big responsibility?

In Freedom, we have to be ourselves. This runs the risks of people on the outside of us not accepting us.

In Freedom, we can do as we please. This forces us to think and act creatively, to make our own decisions, to show up and take full part in our lives.

In Freedom, we can have anything we want. This means staking a claim, defending our rights, going for what we want, taking it, and relishing it.

In Freedom, we can be happy. This means others might get angry, thinking we have something they don’t. We’d have to be leaders and mentors, illustrating that all things are possible for everyone.

It’s a lot easier to be a prisoner. Okay, you may only get a small space to sit in, and gruel to eat, but it’s safe. No one expects much of you. You can sit there, be silent, do nothing, and no one is going to notice.

That may suit some people just fine.

But me, I want FREEDOM!

I want to lead an Extraordinary Life!

I want it to include all the fun stuff. All the challenges and all the rewards. I want it to be full of joy and song and dance! I want it to be overflowing with beauty and art and passion!

That’s my choice.

I choose Freedom.


I choose to be Free.

Therefore, I AM FREE!

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