Following Your Heart


Many people struggle with the idea of Life Purpose. They fret, they agonise, they try so hard to find out what their life purpose is. They feel guilty if they are not living what they think is their life purpose.

The problem is that we are far too focused on what our life purpose would have us DO. What we should be focused on is what our life purpose would have us BE. Then, no matter what our circumstances, we ARE living our life purpose.

A plumber may have felt a life-long desire to be a doctor, but for one reason or another, never had the opportunity to study to become one. He should think about what feeling is at the root of becoming a doctor, and then express that feeling in his daily life, even in his job as a plumber. For example, he may have felt a longing to help others by paying attention to a patient’s illness and the ability to offer a treatment that would cure whatever ails them. Similarly, as a plumber, he can aid a problem by paying attention to his customer’s needs and correcting a situation that plagues them. Either way, the help is an act of love.

At the root of every life purpose, no matter what it is we DO, is the feeling of love. Love of self, love of others, and service with love. So really, to Spirit, to God, to the Higher Self, it matters little about what we specifically do with the hours of the days of our lives. It is about how we do it, with what feeling, what intention.

Ask yourself what is in your heart, and if it is not love, either find a way to change how you feel, or change what you do.

Every opportunity is a chance to choose love.

Some circumstances are easier to bear with than others. Some work situations can become so frustrating and confining. When this happens, we can treat it as an opportunity to learn something. We can become someone new. We can acquire new skills, new talents, develop new ways to handle difficult situations. When we feel we have done what we can, when a situation is no longer suitable, there is no need for us to stay in it, prolonging the inevitable. Move on.

Just remember that when we don’t pick up the lesson in this situation, we may be faced with it again under a different guise. And that’s okay, because maybe we need a fresh perspective in order to learn more fully.

Living life on purpose is feeling consistent that who we are on the inside is pretty much who we are on the outside. This is the great challenge. This is why many may enjoy their work but still feel a certain discomfort with it. A congruency of inner sense of self with outer self expression is essential to feeling that we are living our life purpose.

BE yourself. As you are, so DO.

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