Self Value 

Learning to charge properly is a vital key to abundance. Affirm that you will never devalue yourself by charging less than what you feel you are worth.

from The Trick to Money is Having Some, by Stuart Wilde

Those of us who are on a spiritual path are, strangely enough, the first most likely to turn down offerings of money. You often hear comments that connect money to being un-spiritual. When money is tied in with something spiritual, it seems to arouse suspicion and questions of integrity.

This is an ongoing battle with spiritual people. We don’t want money to be an issue.

But it is. The world runs this way. And no matter how much we’d like to protest that system, we live in it. We want to be good citizens, too. We want to pay our rent and taxes and live peacefully, just like everyone else.

Why has it become so damn hard for us?

We’re making it hard for us.

We’re judging ourselves.

We’re assuming money is somehow immoral or wrong.

This could be due to past conditioning, society’s views of lack impressed upon us, that if we have and don’t give, we lack compassion. That’s the last thing a spiritual person wants to be seen as – lacking in compassion. So we make sure we haven’t got any money to give away charitably. That way, we won’t feel guilty because we won’t have it to spend on ourselves, and no one can point the finger at us saying we’re living in ego.

But we ARE living in ego.

Do we think we are so above the ways and the rules of the world, that we don’t need money and material comforts to survive?! Are we so advanced and evolved above our fellow human beings, that we do not need food and water to keep our strength, clothing and shelter to keep us warm, and yes, money to pay our bills? We have bills, just like everyone else. It is a holy act to pay them in full and on time, so why deny ourselves the right to an income that will pay for these everyday needs?

We are so valuing our lofty ideals of super-spirituality, that we are forgetting to value our Selves. Our Selves includes ALL of our selves. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. All of our needs must be met. But if we focus only on our spiritual needs being met, we are in denial of all our other needs that we as humans need to fulfil.

It is our sacred duty to fulfil our Whole, Entire Selves. Not just one aspect. Not just spirituality.

In fact, if we take care of all our other needs FULLY, then spirituality takes care of itself; we cannot eliminate spirituality from our selves, as it is most real.

While you are on this earth and in this body, living in this society, you must play by the rules of the game we all chose to come here to play. You must feed yourself. You must be responsible for yourself. And in order to do this, you must Value Your Self.

You must support yourself. Supporting yourself includes the concept of money. You must welcome money into your life, in order for money to support your life. When you act out of intention to support yourself, you are commanding the universe and society to support you. By investing energy in yourself, you are attracting investment from others. By putting yourself first and foremost, you are nurturing yourself and growing stronger, so that you can be of greater service to your community.

To feed another, you must first know how to feed yourself.

Many people are afraid that if they give themselves attention, they are being selfish or self absorbed. So they give, give, give to others, till they collapse from exhaustion, or become embittered and withdrawn from life. What good are they to anyone then?

The person who heals himself first, is able to heal others. The person who has abundance himself, is able to gift others.

All great theory, but how does this work in practice?

In all thoughts and actions, consider yourself first. Before giving healing, cleanse and heal yourself. Before feeding another, feed yourself first. Before speaking to others, speak to yourself first. Before listening to others, listen to yourself first.

Before you can love another, you must love yourself first.

Before you can value anything… you must value your Self, first.

Practising Self Value is an Every Moment Thing. In every moment, you must listen to yourself. Follow your own guidance, your inner intuition. Listen to your own heart. Walk where your body wants to go, stretch it when it needs movement. Feed it when it signals hunger and thirst. Bathe your body lovingly. Give your mind some peace in nature, or soothe it with beautiful music. Nourish it with knowledge.

Surround yourself only with those things you love, and those people that support you. Remove anything in your environment that offends you, just as you would wash dirt off your hands. Instate boundaries and enforce your own personal rules of safety, and those which are in alignment with your integrity.

And most of all, accept money. Accept gifts. Accept payment. Accept compliments. By accepting things of value, you are accepting your self. You are accepting your value.

There is no need to be modest.

Of course, you are great!

We all are!

Always honour yourself as highly as you would any creature or thing in the universe. Because by honouring yourself, you are automatically telling the world that you honour it also. By treasuring who you are, you are celebrating your creator, and everything that exists in your world. By attending to your self value, you are confirming to the universe of your joy to be a part of it. You are playing the full part. You are leaving nothing out. You are giving the best of what you have, to yourself, and this multiplies over and over, so you become like a continuous waterfall, replenishing all the rivers on earth.

The only job you have in this world is to Value Your Self.

The rest, then, takes care of Itself.

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